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About Us

A Day Spa designed with your health and wellness in mind. Enjoy the warm
relaxing environment, comfortable massage chairs during your treatments, and
soothing spa music. Enjoy complimentary foot rubs, and a bottle of Alkaline
water during your Ionic Detox foot bath. All services with a smile from our
knowledgeable and helpful staff. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Meet Our Staff



Ionic Detox $50.00
Ear Candling $50.00
Facials $50.00
Wax/Threading $8.00-$50

Payment Methods

Cash Debit or Credit Card


  • Ionic Detox Foot Baths: Remove toxins from your
    body. Ear Candling: For Ear & sinus issues. Facials:
    Look and Feel Great! Anti-Aging: Look up to 14 years
    younger. Acne Care Waxing & Threading.


Ionic Detox foot baths to remove toxins followed by a
relaxing foot rub. Scalp Massage with Ear Candling to
help with Ear, Nose & Throat issues. Skincare &
facials to Make you look Great!!


Natural Vitamins &
Supplements, Himalayan Salt
Baskets, lamps &
Inhalers, Lite up lip
Gloss, Alkaline Water, Skin
Care, Acne Care, Weight
loss, ...


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